Pension Gruber – We live and breathe Hospitality! And we have done for more than 40 years.

There are a lot of hotels in the Antholzer Valley, so why come to ours? Well why not, we would say… Pension Gruber is centrally located in the lower Antholz Valley. This is the perfect spot if you want to be close to the mountains but also make excursions to Bruneck, Toblach or Innichen. Not to mention that we enjoy excellent connections to the local public transport networks. Every hour the bus departs for Olang Railway Station, the perfect point from which to explore the entire Pusteria Valley.

In summer our guests feel particularly drawn to the mountains surrounding the Antholz Valley and in winter the well-known central Antholz biathlon and Kronplatz ski resort just a few kilometers away are well worth visiting.

It’s hard to say how many guests have come and gone over the past few decades but we know there were many. Let’s take a step back into the past and take a look at the Story of our Guesthouse:


In 1963 we weren’t yet in the hospitality business, but this was the year when the foundations were laid for what was to become Pension Gruber: Barbara Frenademetz from the Gader Valley married Robert Gruber from Antholz. And this was the basis for the story of our family and of Pension Gruber.


Seven years later, in 1970, Barbara and Robert took their first steps into the world of tourism. It was in this year that they started to offer Bed and Breakfast.


1979, nine years later, and a second building went up. The bed and breakfast was expanded to offer half board.


1990 saw further renovations: the old house was pulled down and an entirely new building was erected in its place. New rooms were added, as well as a new ski room and reception. The kitchen and dining room were kitted our with all the latest conveniences.


2004 and more renovations were in order on the southern side of the building: new rooms were built over the dining room area and a lift was installed. A new dining room and kitchen were fitted and extensively redecorated.


2012 saw us take particular account of the environment in the works we undertook: the whole guesthouse was insulated with the latest environmentally-friendly and energy-saving insulation. An environmentally-friendly heating system and solar panels were installed. The roof on the northern side of the building was replaced and redesigned to ensure uniformity across the whole of the building and the rooms on the first and second floors of the northern side were renovated. But the real high-point was the refurbishment of the entire entrance area.